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The Heat is Making Me Mean

Posted By: RinconGirl on Jun 18, 2012 in Local Tips, Rincon Girl's Blogs, Sun
for hot weather

Damn it has been a hot start to the summer! This is my fourth summer here, so I get it. It’s hot in the summer. But, I like hot! Right? I love hot! Or at least I thought I did. But, with the exception of yesterday and today, the past May and early June has …

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Casa Verde Surf HOTEL

huge ave

Disclaimer: This post is not authorized by Casa Verde nor does it have any association with the Casa Verde Hotel. So, our friends over at Casa Verde have informed us that we have to officially change any references to ‘Casa Verde Surf Lodge’ to ‘Casa Verde Hotel’.  This all stemming from an alleged copyright infringement …

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If It Was Easy It Would be New Jersey

Posted By: RinconGirl on Jun 06, 2012 in Local Tips, Rincon Girl's Blogs

We were joking around with some friends the other day about how awesome Rincon is in the summer and about how all of the *bs* that we sometimes have to put up with makes it all worthwhile.  I just finished a beach workout with some great friends, dipped in the crystal clear and calm water …

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New Surf Lodge Opens in Rincon

bars rincon pr

Last Thursday night we hit up the opening night of the new Casa Verde Surf Lodge Surf Hotel. Everyone in town has been pretty stoked to see what the new property looks like and how it’s all going to shake down with the new ownership.  The Surf Lodge Surf Hotel is in the old Bunger’s …

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CoWorking in Rincon

Posted By: RinconGirl on May 30, 2012 in Local Tips, Rincon Girl's Blogs

As anyone who works from home knows, the ‘daily grind’ at home can start to eat away at your personal life and actually impact your professional life due to the fact that you can sometimes start to be so unproductive at home that you don’t get anything done! My friend Stefan (from ca2pr.com) and I …

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BFoundation Song about RinconPR

Posted By: RinconGirl on Oct 05, 2011 in Fun, Local Tips, Rincon Girl's Blogs

Songs about Rincon Puerto Rico Just for fun, here is a new song I found inspired by Rincon Puerto Rico. Pretty fun listen and entertaining lyrics. Disfrutar! And i was rolling back down to Rincon, Puerto Rico’s the land where i have my fun the bars down on the shoreline, ring a bell take a …

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Buying Property in Rincon, Puerto Rico


Hi all, it’s Cassie from Lifetransplanet  here! I am so excited to be a part of the Rincon Life community! I suppose currently my role in the Rincon community is just about to start because we only recently purchased our fixer-upper property in May. That being said, we know quite a bit about buying (or …

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New Guest Blogger to RinconLife.com: LifeTransplanet

Posted By: RinconGirl on Sep 11, 2011 in Local Tips, Rincon Girl's Blogs

Rincon Puerto Rico Blogs So I’m excited that I have a new guest blogger to add to our list! Cassie from LifeTransplanet has been kind enough to accept my offer to contribute to the RinconLife blog world and we’re excited to have her! As I mentioned in some earlier posts, I would really like to …

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Hurricane Irene in Rincon Puerto Rico

Posted By: RinconGirl on Aug 23, 2011 in Rincon Girl's Blogs, Rincon In the News

So, we’ve now officially been through our first hurricane in Puerto Rico. I’m not sure if I should be happy about this or not, but it seems like a rite of passage that you just have to go through if you’re going to live in the Caribbean. Since we’ve lived here the island has been …

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Scenic Drive Route in Western Puerto Rico

Posted By: RinconGirl on Aug 13, 2011 in Fun, Local Tips, Rincon Girl's Blogs

Yesterday we headed to the Southwest corner of the island which is one of my most favorite day trips from Rincon. Due to time restrictions we had to bypass our favorite stops in Joyuda, Buye and Boqueron, but we made it down to the lighthouse at Cabo Rojo and Bahia Sucia (or ‘Playuela’ depending on …

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