Día del Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico (Day of Discovery of Puerto Rico)

Posted By: RinconGirl on Nov 21, 2009 in rincon puerto rico

We’ve been so busy lately that we almost missed this awesome holiday last week. One of the most unique and interesting things about this holiday is how it’s celebrated. Everyone who has a horse (and that’s almost everyone!) saddles up and gets ready for a ride to the big party and parade (this year it was in Aguada). They meet alongside the road, in a central area, or wherever is easy and ride in the streets down to the party. The mid-day on Thursday along the 413 and the 115 was packed with horses and people in the streets. Casa Verde in Puntas hosted a pig roast and a number of caballeros parked their trucks in the neighborhood to start the official ride over to Aguada. Horses in the road aren’t an unusual sight in Puerto Rico, but this day takes it to a new and exciting level!

We didn’t see the parade in Aguada, but I can only imagine that it was a fantastic party. I did find a good pic of someone celebrating in the traditional carnival mask. Next year for sure!

A little history:
This is a Commonwealth of Puerto Rico official holiday. It celebrates the day that Christopher Columbus (Don Cristóbal Colón) landed on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico near Aguada on his second voyage to the New World in 1493.


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  • Anonymous Nov 21, 2009 

    Bravo first blog that embrace culture of PUERTO RICO. Im very happy to see DISCIVERY OF PR in your blog.You guys dont bitch and complain about living in PR at all.


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